Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update

sidenote cox - dsn means 'double sidenote' ala pps. as in postpostscript. not a huge deal, but it could become confusing.

also, I saw absolutely zero college football on saturday, because I was at 97.3FM's Homegrown Music Festival all damn day. I know it's shitty. point is, this update will be related to many things non-CFB related. Cox, I also won't be voting in this week's poll.

that being said.

I didn't need to see a down of the Michigan/Notre Dame game to tell you that Chad Henne is definitely going to be playing on Sundays, regularly.

I've thought this for some time now, and maybe I'm crazy, but he screams NFL to me. People tend to lose focus on a guy's skills when they don't play on great teams, or particularly tend to blame all underachivement on the QB, which can be faulty. I like his skill set, and I think he's also got a coachability component to him that I like.

Ted Ginn needs to learn how to play defense if he plans on playing regularly on Sundays.

The gallop strided wideout can't seem to do anything other than run past people, or go with the 'two move and go' game. Certainly no knock on his game, because it works, but if he played D a) he learn some better footskills b) he'd be in a deion situation, where everytime he touches the ball, he goes to the paint. And of course, that is much easier to do as a defender running against an offense than vice versa, particularly in the pros with a skill set like that.
sidenote: Paul Z had the best quote ever about Ginn. "He's pissing me off. This faggot needs to stop acting like his pants are gonna light on fire everytime he gets them dirty."

The Redskins' problems aren't as big as most people think, but are definitely bigger than what their coaching staff realizes, for one simple reason. Overthinking.

Part of what made Gibbs solid in his heydey was the fact that he could take various parts, amongst very good/great players and make a great team. He let the guys who were great do great shit, and thus a great team.

This team is operating on such unecessary levels of precision that it is taking away abilities of the players. If you read about them as often as I do in the Post and stuff, you can immediately tell that they are almost taking every play too seriously. They've got a bunch of freewheelers, and have them reigned in just a tad too tight.

If they loosen it up a hair, they've got a shot at doing what they did last year. It's not a chemistry problem, or an age problem, it's a overthinking a simple task problem.

It still shocks me that Braylon Edwards is considered a great up and coming receiver.

He drops everything, and makes one circus catch a game and everyone who roots for his team, starts telling people how sweet he is. It was the same thing at Michigan. I don't understand why people act surprised everytime he drops a ball. He did it his whole career in college, and he's still doing it now. He's a dropper. Droppers generally don't coincide with greatness.

Apparently Jason Whitlock and I are on the same page about Byron Leftwich.

How weird is that? <--see#3. I'm dead serious when I say this. He needs a homecoming. If Dan Snyder had half a brain on his head, he'd find a way to get him back home. That would be unreal.

Roy Williams is every team's worst nightmare.

If you think that T.O. was a headache, you're right. If you're looking for a loudmouth, total fucking buffoon, look to Williams. What a clown.

I hate to say this, but fear the Ravens.
They are better than their Super Bowl team from a couple years back.

gotta run fellas. hope everyone had a good weekend.
sidenote: Top Deck's new Sunday Funday setup is unreal. Just ask Mark.

'if it feels it'
-craig kilborn


At 9/18/06, 4:04 PM, Blogger Paul Z said...

Sidenote...I am sure you are aware of this Cease, but Ted Ginn, Jr. came to the Buckeyes as the #1 db in the nation coming out of high school. You are right, he does need to be playing D in the pros, unfortunately, he won't get any experience at the college level on D. He has slightly ridded himself of the "pants on fire" quote, but he still doesn't play to his full ability, scary.

Could you imagine him picking off a pass, electrifying...

At 9/18/06, 5:53 PM, Blogger A Labovitz said...

Totally agree with you about Henne (obviously). The guy's got good size, an absolute cannon, and he's showing a lot more mobility this year than we've seen in the previous two years. The only thing that I've been worried about was his touch, but after seeing those two beauty touch passes to Super Mario, I'm sold. Let's not forget, Michigan does happen to be Quarterback U at the moment, and every starter we've had since the late 80s has played in the league (I don't count Drew Henson here. The guy is a fag who took the money to play horrible baseball for an Ohio State alum, and forced me to root for John Navarre well before he was ready; I hope he never plays any sport ever again)

About Braylon, technically, he still IS an up and coming receiver... I mean, he still doesn't even have 10 career games under his belt! Yes, he has always had some drops, especially on the easier passes, but he also DID win the Belitnikoff, over some pretty damn good receivers. Not to mention he put up one of the great statistical seasons in the history of the Big Ten. One caveat: I said the day he was drafted that he could not have fallen into a worse situation than going to Cleveland. I don't care what anyone says, Charlie Frye is not a franchise quarterback, and I'm not sure he's being properly motivated by the very defensive minded Romeo. Not to mention, Cleveland fans are predisposed to hate him regardless because of his choice of colleges...


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