Sunday, November 18, 2007

"The Browns have become Must See TV"

That's a quote from my desk neighbor in my office (who has no affiliation to the Browns at all), who is stunned every time we turn on a Browns game and something crazy happens. In case you missed the latest installment — this week's game against the Ravens was ridiculous. Check the highlights. Apparently, nobody in the stadium knew this rule until today.

Mind you, if you saw this situation unfold live, it was a lot more bizarre, but nonetheless the whole thing was crazy.

'if it feels it'
-craig kilborn


At 11/19/07, 6:04 PM, Blogger sarnoff said...

this was insane. i got there at 9am to tailgate so my vision by OT was a little hazy, but, this was the craziest ending ive ever seen live. As the taunting stopped when they took down the final score (which was already flashing on the scoreboard) and as the ravens came back from the lockers onto the field, there was a beautiful silence from the stands.


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