Friday, December 14, 2007

My one thought on the Mitchell Report

Besides "meh, tell us something we didn't already know," that is...

I can't help but think that the outing of Roger Clemens is the best to happen to Barry Bonds in since he signed moved west to San Fransisco. For the last seven years, all anyone's talked about is if this guy's accomplishments are tainted; should his records count; ew, look how his head has exploded; and all this other nonsense, totally disregarding that this guy was already the best player of our generation by the time he started creaming and clearing.

And yet, people are still debating whether Barry Bonds is a first ballot Hall of Famer; I've heard some talking heads exclaim that he shouldn't make it at all. It's blasphemous.

But now... are we going to keep Roger Clemens out as well? Perhaps the greatest pitcher to come along in the last 50 years? Of course not, we'll say. We can't discount the incredible pitcher he was in the 80s and 90s. And therein lies the catch. If we apply it Clemens, it must be applied to Bonds.

If he wasn't already, Barry Bonds is (once again) unequivocally a first ballot Hall of Famer. For all of the losers who were outed today, I happen to think that Bonds came out as the big winner.


At 12/14/07, 12:57 PM, Blogger sarnoff said...

everyone knows the problem has been endemic to modern baseball. To fault individual players is dumb and its rapidly turned into a witch hunt. while its a blackmark on any career, i dont think theres anything to do at this point except acknowledge corruption and move forward, trying to salvage a great game gone bad.

At 12/14/07, 3:38 PM, Blogger Clinton Yates said...

Yeah I don't really think Barry Bonds gives two shits about Clemens, or anything really related to his legacy in baseball.

I think the bigger issue on his mind right now is freedom, something that the Mitchell report can't help or hurt.

At 12/15/07, 11:24 AM, Blogger Paul Z said...

If Pete Rose can't be in the HOF for gambling, Bonds and Clemens shouldn't get because of 'creaming'.

I know it's a ridiculous comparison, but so is the fact that Pete Rose isn't in the HOF right now.

It won't happen, but could you imagine, that potentially the best hitter, best pitcher, and best all around ballplayer may not be in the HOF when it's all said and done.

Something's got to give.


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